* Traditional festivals *

"Traditional festivals" have been the most important seasonal rituals among Chinese people. These are the major patterns of everyday life developed by our ancestors according to the seasonal changes, "plowing in spring, irrigating in summer, reaping in fall, and storing in winter". These are the rules distilled from experiences, which fully convey the Chinese's wisdom, acquired from our ancestors' actual production behaviors handed down to us from generation to generation.With four hundred years of development and evolution, they blend into modern life seamlessly, forming the consolidating power of the society indirectly. In addition, they preserve many of the Han race's time concepts and ritual culture. Nowadays, the seasonal rituals held in accordance with traditional rhythm of everyday life are still in force in Taiwan. Through the pious worship of the gods and ancestors, people hope to request for peace and prosperity. As the custom of "celebration for every festival" is still retained in society, it gives the alienating family members in contemporary society common memories, the chances to celebrate the festivals together, the occasion to consolidate their relations. In addition, many ancient and traditional festivals still preserve some inspiring and touching stories and legends, adding much ducational values and reveries to these events. It manifests the Chinese people's deep-rooted culture and humanistic characters.

source : http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/local/web