Shadow show

Shadow show is an ancient Chinese art rich with imagination beauty and sentiment of the orient. It best reflects the characteristic of its people. The shadow show is a combination of music dancing and theatrical plays. Stores on these shows are usually taken from myth legends and folk tales that were passed down form generation to generation.

There is a beautiful legend about the orient of the shadow show. Liu Che the emperor of the Han dynast over the death of his beloved wife madam Lee He thought about her day and night to console the emperor of his loss. And oculist named Lee Sha-ching found a way to project the image of madam lee onto a screen. The emperor was very please this of course may only be an imaginative story but it clearly revels the charm and beauty of the shadow show.
In fact shadow shows originated about one thousand years ago in the song dynasty. The capital city of the song dynasty Bian-liang was a commercial center busy and prosperous. Night market provides excellent conditions for the development of shadow show. Although originally met to amuse pheasant's shadow show eventually entered it to the life of the aristocrats and became on of the most important court entertainment. Ganges Khan military insurgents further brought the shadow show to Prussia, Arab, and turkey.
Thus paving the way of shadow show in countries like England France and Germany. According to historical writings the shadow show in Taiwan date back to time when Zheng Chen-gong governed over Taiwan in the Ming dynasty. What you can see now is part of the actual performance given by the famous traditional shadow show artist Mr. Xie Who-nan.



At 1/02/2006 7:39 PM, Anonymous Pei said...

The shadow show is quite unfamiliar
to me since i have never seen it on the scene before. From watching it on TV, i feel it is really an unusual technique of expression that just by lights and delicate paper puppets, it can bring the audience into the world of novelty. Comparing the shadow show with nowadays high tech electric appliance, though it doesn't have fancy special effects, it is still
an treasurable folk activity.

At 1/06/2006 9:56 PM, Anonymous Daniel said...

I almost forget what is shadow show, You make me remember that again. It's very cool that you introduce this Taiwan traditional activity.

At 1/09/2006 7:46 PM, Anonymous Leo said...

I think you know that i like watching puppet show very much. And if you have interesting, you can watch PILI puppet show at PILI channel every week. You will love it.

At 1/11/2006 2:31 PM, Anonymous Pei said...

To Leo:
I remenber you had done the assignment about the puppet show, and I think it's really great to enjoy our own country's folk activity. I had watched the puppet show on TV before, and I felt it was really amazing since there were special efficacies both for hearing and vision. Thank you for your suggestion, and i'll watch it again to see if i could catch the delights of it.

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