A top is a toy that you can spin around on the ground. In the song dynasty there was a toy that resembled a top it was called Qian Qian. The Qian Qian was a needle like form that was about one inch long placed on an ivory disc. People would twist it with their fingers to start it spinning and then see whom's top would spin the longest. Concubines and court ladies would pass the time playing with tops in the gardens of palaces. In the Ming dynasty the book spectacles in the capital city, the foot of the lion, when willow leaves bud, spin tops. It was not known weather or not if tops evolved when the Qian Qian formally tops were very popular in Mainland China the ways for playing with tops were very basic.
Children set the tops on the ground and used a small whip to set the top in motion. To make the tops spin and spin they would turn it with their hands and hit it with the whip. In Taiwan with industry advancing with leaps and bounds and great progress being made in manufacturing materials the types of tops have also developed. Method of play are varied especially in regard to wooden tops ranging from the size of your pinkie to those weighing 5,10,50, or even those weighing 150 kilograms. Because of this tops are suitable for both young and old men and women.

source : http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/home_en.htm


At 1/02/2006 3:57 PM, Anonymous Pei said...

To set the top in motion is certainly a difficult task.I had tried it before,but i was frustrated since i couldn't make it spin at all.And now this interesting and challenging activity is coming back since Daxi have instituted a festival for the tops so that more people would be aware of this traditional folk activity.

At 1/02/2006 6:50 PM, Anonymous Ady said...

Top is one of the most popular
folk activities or even toys in
Taiwan.Many people must had played
it in their childhood.It is very
interesting to make the top spinning because you need some
skills to make it spin.


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