* Traditional Folk Customs *

Traditional folk customs generally mean "folk knowledge" or a particular way of living; assuch, they are all-encompassing and can be divided into three categories: the first isbetween people and things, such as clothing, food, dwellings, transportation, production,handicrafts, etc.; the second is among people, such as the social mores of a tribe; and the third is between people and god, such as religious beliefs, ceremonies of life, festivals, etc.
In time, these locally formed cultural elements turn into the common experience of an ethnic group and become a nation's valuable cultural assets.The NTCA strives to preserve these precious historical memories in this changing societyand rediscover the joyous flavor of old-time festivals, building a bridge that would allow such folk arts as drumming arrays, stilt walking, and aboriginal dances to remain in modern life, letting old-time toys, lanterns, wood carvings, and beautiful childhood memories to be passed down again from our hands.

source : http://www.ncfta.gov.tw/


At 1/03/2006 1:01 AM, Anonymous Pei said...

Customs and conventions are something that learned from experiences by our ancestors and is the presentation of Chinese's wisdom. This is so important that would be permanently cherished and handed down from generation to generation.


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